1. Fr. Bill Off This Wednesday

    Due to work schedule changes, Fr. Bill is going to take a day off this Wednesday.

  2. New Small Groups

    This past Friday evening, Fr. Bill led a bible study with the new English Adult Fellowship. This coming Monday evening, Fr. Bill will lead the first gathering of Mandarin young adult group.

  3. Daycare Centre

    The building permit for the daycare centre renovation has been approved by the Diocese and the City of Mississauga, the construction will soon commence. The daycare centre office will begin operation starting on February 12, 2018. 

  4. Pastoral Ministry Plan 2018

    Fr. Bill has finished pastoral ministry plans 2018 for both Chinese and English Ministries. Please take one for your reference.

  5. Lunar Year End Lunch Fellowship (Tuen Leen)

    You are invited to join our Lunch Fellowship after worship service today to celebrate the conclusion of Lunar Calendar Year (Tuen Leen). Please register and pay for it after this service. Adult pays $7.- each, child between 4 and 12 years of age pays $4.- each while those below four eat free of charge.

  6. Mandarin Ministry

    Practical English Conversation Class is held every Thursday 10-11am. If interested, please contact Ivy Cheng for details.

  7. Faith Formation Ministry Announcement:

    Father Bill will lead a 5 lesson series on Anglicanism starting on February 23rd. The lessons are open to those who are interested in learning more about the Anglican Church. Those who are ready to confirm their faith will be able to fulfill the requirement for confirmation. The lessons will be conducted in Cantonese on Fridays from 7:45pm to 9:00 pm in the Old Worship Hall. If you are interested, please contact Father Bill. Lessons conducted in English are also available upon request.

  8. Drum Set

    The Rev. Jordan Wellington from St. John’s Anglican Church, Willowdale, has offered to donate a drum set to St. Elizabeth’s, and Rev. Mok has accepted on our behalf. We thank Rev. Wellington for his generosity.

    Leaders in Music Ministry are actively making plans for the drums’ arrival in the old sanctuary. We will ensure that the drum set is properly used, as well as minimize unnecessary noises and inconveniences. The drum set will primarily be used by authorized members of Music Ministry, and will be covered when not in use. The rules that we are proposing for non-worship-related uses are:

    (1) There will be NO non-worship-related uses between 10 and 11 am on Sundays, as this time is reserved for worship music practices.

    (2) User/parents must ask for permission from the Music Director or Associate Music Director;

    (3) Limited to 5 minutes per person;

    (4) Kids under 13 must be supervised by parents/guardians;

    (5) Repair or replacement of any damaged components will be paid for by the user or the parents; and

    (6) St. E. will not be responsible if anyone sustains any injuries or hearing damage.

    If you have any concerns about the use of the drum set, please check with Joanne Loo, the Music Director, or Catherine Zheng, the Associate Music Director, on or before February 11 (Sunday). Thank you.

  9. Vestry Meeting

    We are going to call annual vestry meeting mainly for 1) PAB election and 2) financial report and budget on Feb 25.   We are going to provide well drafted report and budget for your review and have a Q&A townhall at 7pm on Feb 20.  The vestry meeting will be held after Sunday Service on Feb 25.  

    Church members must meet with conditions stated in the Diocese Canon to be eligible to vote in Vestry Meeting. According to the Diocese Canon 14, voting members need to declare the following: "I solemnly declare that I have been a member of the Anglican Church of Canada and of this congregation for at least three (3) months, that I have attended regularly scheduled services of worship with this congregation at least three (3) times in the past year, that I am of the full age of sixteen (16) years and that I have not voted as a member of any other vestry during the previous three (3) months, nor do I intend to vote in any other vestry during the ensuing year". For any errors and omissions found in the list, please contact Fr. Bill Mok.

  10. Baptism on Easter Sunday

    Easter Sunday will be on April 1. If you feel interested to be baptized on Easter Sunday, please contact Fr. Bill as soon as you can.

  11. Wednesday Bible Study

    The first day of new term will be on Jan 17 (Feb 7, Feb 21, Mar 7, Mar 21 and Apr 4).